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Shoulder Repair in Fort Myers


The shoulder surgeons in Fort Myers at Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, work with patients experiencing shoulder pain from a sports injury, repetitive work that one does as a carpenter, roofer, or painter, or simply from wear and tear due to age and arthritis.


With the life style in Fort Myers, shoulder repair is necessary more often than one might think.

If pain relief medications, therapy,  or other treatments do not sufficiently remedy the pain, options include:



Shoulder Joint Replacement

With about 53,000 people in the US undergoing should joint replacement each year, we have more than our share from arthritis and sports injuries here in the Fort Myers area. Our shoulder surgeons mitigate the pain arising from the ball and socket rubbing together with a grinding sound by using a state-of-the-art prosthetic implant.


  • The operation, known as a total shoulder replacement (TSA), usually takes between one and three hours with just a one to three day hospital stay.

  • In three to six months patients usually make a full recovery.

  • In fact, it will just be a couple of weeks and the patient can start normal self-care activities.


Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

This two-hour procedure switches around the usual ball socket set in the joint to build a more stable shoulder environment. The reverse shoulder replacement is often used if there are severe rotator cuff problems, fractures, tumors, and / or significant bone loss. The operation’s objective is to restore flexibility and function in the joint.


Post treatment includes:


  • Wearing a sling

  • Taking antibiotics to prevent infection

  • Refraining from any extreme arm motions

  • Performing exercises to strengthen the shoulder at home


Rotator Cuff Surgery

Rotator cuff issues indicate tears in the muscles or tendons surrounding the shoulder joint, rather than the shoulder joint itself.


At about 200,000 annual cases, rotator cuff problems are relatively common. If pain relief such as medication, cortisone, or self-care, including exercises, fail to alleviate the dull ache that often increases as time goes on, options might include:


  • Lab tests or imaging

  • An arthroscopy

  • Open tendon repair

  • Bone spur removal

  • Tendon transfer

  • Physical therapy


The shoulder surgeons and specialists at Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are experts at diagnosing and performing shoulder repair in the Fort Myers area. Contact us for a consultation of you are experiencing any shoulder discomfort.

X-ray image of shoulder pain, shoulder l
  • Is your shoulder stiff? Can you rotate your arm in all the normal positions?

  • Does it feel like your shoulder could pop out or slide out of the socket?

  • Do you lack the strength in your shoulder to carry out your daily activities?

If you answered "yes" to any one of these questions, you should consult an orthopaedic surgeon for help in determining the severity of the problem.


Performing Shoulder Repairs in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

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