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Knee Injuries & Treatments in Fort Myers

Knee injuries and treatments in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida make up a large part of the Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine practice. Why? The knee is the largest joint as well as the workhouse of the body.ama

Knee Injuries

The complex meeting of bones, cartilage, meniscus, and ligaments not to mention tendons which connect the muscles to the bone can experience the following injuries:


  • Fractures - High energy trauma

  • Dislocations - High energy trauma

  • Soft tissue tears and sprains including these and their causes:

    • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)- Rapidly changing direction. Learn more about ACL Repair

    • Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL)- Force to the front of the knee while it is bent

    • Collateral Ligament- Contact blows

    • Meniscal Tears- A sudden twist, arthritis, or aging

    • Tendon Tears- Landing uncomfortably from a fall


Damage to the knee usually comes from playing sports, motor vehicle crashes, falls, wear and tear, and arthritis.

Non-Surgical and Surgical Knee Injury Treatments

Obvious signs of knee trauma include swelling and pain, a popping noise, the uncomfortable feeling of the knee locking up, and limping.


The best starting approach to relief is to use the rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) method.


Non-surgical knee treatment involves:

  • Medications like aspirin and ibuprofen that reduce pain and swelling while being anti-inflammatories and non-steroidal.

  • Immobilize in the form of a brace or a cast to hold bones in place while healing occurs. Crutches also prevent those injured from putting weight on the leg.

  • Physical therapy to restore function while strengthening the muscles around the knee.


Surgical Knee Treatments


Total Knee Replacement

Our Surgical treatments encompasses arthroscopic surgery, a procedure using tiny incisions and instruments and a Total Knee Replacement (TKR) that often achieves optimal pain relief and the strongest functional improvement.

Advanced Ortho now offers ROSA Robotic Knee Replacement! Learn more about how this process works and if it is right for you.


Partial Knee Replacement

We also offer Partial Knee Replacement. In partial knee replacement, only the arthritic portion of the knee is resurfaced. This procedure is an alternative to total knee replacement for patients whose disease is limited to just one area of the knee. 


Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine physicians and staff diagnose and treat knee injuries in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida with care, competence, and most importantly, the most innovative technology and pain management techniques in use today.


Contact us if you experience a reduced range of joint motion for more than a few days. See us immediately if you suffer blunt force or trauma to the knee.

  • Swelling and stiffness

  • Redness and warmth to the touch

  • Weakness or instability

  • Popping or crunching noises

  • Inability to fully straighten the knee

If you answered "yes" to any one of these questions schedule an appointment today to help in determining the severity of the problem.


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